Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Design Aire is not only the largest residential Trane dealer in St. Louis and St. Charles – we are the largest in the entire state of Missouri. What does that mean to you? Design Aire has more training and experience with Trane systems than any dealer in the area. We also receive quantity discounts on Trane equipment, so you receive the best equipment and installation at a reasonable price.
Design Aire approves of the following brands for their quality, warranty, and performance:

Gas Furnaces Heat Pumps Air Conditioners

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Humidifiers Air Cleaners Thermostats

Trane: CleanEffects »
Revolutionary Filtration System
Honeywell F100 »
High Efficiency Media Filter
Honeywell F200 »
Replaceable Media Air Cleaner
Honeywell F300 »
High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner

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UV Air Treatment

Honeywell UV 100 »
UV Air Treatment System