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At Design Aire, we’re committed to surrounding you with comfort in your home and business. We’re known for providing heating and cooling repair and maintenance for homes and businesses throughout the St. Louis area, but our service doesn’t end there. We also install whole house humidifiers to keep your air from becoming uncomfortably dry.

Design Aire installs Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers that not only keep you comfortable in the dry winter months, but which also help you and your family to stay healthy and keep your wood floors from warping.

Why Install a Whole-House Humidifier?

As the humidity outside drops in the St. Louis winter months, the air in your home also becomes very dry. There are other reasons, too, why the air inside your home can become exceptionally dry any time of the year.

A whole-house humidifier is much more effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing than portable humidifiers of the past. These permanent units work any time of year that you need them, and long-term, they can even save time and money—not to mention, the irritation and inconvenience of being uncomfortable in your own home.

Is your home electrifying?

If touching a doorknob sends a shock through your hand, or if rolling over in bed makes your hair stand on end, the air in your home is overly dry. Design Aire’s whole house humidifiers keep static electricity from being electrifying.

Is your skin more cracked than Death Valley?

Dry skin, hair, lips and nails can all result from dry air within your home. A whole-house humidifier can keep the air nice and moisturized, reducing your need for lotion and chapstick. It can also decrease flare-ups of eczema and acne.

Are your asthma and allergies getting the best of you?

Asthma and allergies can be aggravated by cold, dry air. A whole-home humidifier helps to alleviate irritated sinuses and respiratory symptoms by pumping much-needed moisture into the air. 

Do you like your hardwood floors?

It isn’t only humans who suffer from dry winter air. Our homes feel the effects, too. Hardwood floors and furnishings can become dry, warping and cracking as the humidity changes. Even wood window sills can shrink as they lose humidity, causing cold air to leak through the gaps. Installing a whole-home humidifier can help to save you from costly repairs and replacements.

How Does a Whole-House Humidifier Work?

A whole-house humidifier is installed as part of your heating system, and is connected to your ductwork and to the home’s water supply. 

There are several different types of whole-house humidifiers, including steam humidifiers, bypass humidifiers, and power humidifiers. Each works a little bit differently, and your Design Aire pro can help you choose the right one for your unique home. 

In any case, the primary function of a humidifier is that, whether it works in conjunction with your furnace or has its own power source, warm air passes through mist or steam created inside the humidifier, then passes through ducts and into the rooms of your home. The result is that the humidity level throughout your house increases to a comfortable level.

Whole-house humidifiers are much more efficient than portable humidifiers because they work throughout your house, and not in single rooms. They add humidity evenly and keep moisture levels more comfortable throughout the entire home.

Our technicians at Design Aire are trained, experienced, equipped, and insured to install a high-performance Aprilaire whole-home humidifier in your home or business. For more than a century, our award-winning service and HVAC expertise have kept St. Louis comfortable. Let us help you keep your humidity in check!

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St. Louis Humidifier Repair

Like any piece of HVAC equipment, whole-home humidifiers sometimes require repair and maintenance. At Design Aire, our technicians have experience servicing all makes and models of humidifiers, and we are happy to help. 

If you have a whole-home humidifier in need of repair, give us a call! We’ll have you back to experiencing comfort in no time!

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