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Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split System

The term speaks for itself — a ductless mini split system is a heating and cooling system that runs without ductwork. Instead, it relies on a connection between an outdoor unit, or a compressor, and a remote-controlled indoor unit installed in the room to be heated or cooled.

So how does this translate to an advantage for consumers? The HVAC experts at Design Aire have provided five ways you can benefit from a ductless mini split:


Ductwork can be cumbersome to install, and that explains the first and most obvious benefit of ductless mini split systems: convenience. When an additional room needs to be heated or cooled, an indoor unit is simply mounted on the ceiling and then connected to an outdoor unit (many models allow up to nine indoor units per compressor).

Each ductless heating and cooling unit is also much smaller, and every installation minimally invasive, just a three-inch hole is required per connection. Not only is this convenient, it also reduces security concerns as well as potential air leakage.


Because of the small size of ductless mini split units, they require relatively little power to operate. The system also regulates temperature in each room directly, resulting in zero efficiency loss. As individual HVAC “zones” can be created within homes or buildings, energy will no longer be wasted on unoccupied rooms or spaces. They may even be eligible for utility rebates or tax credits, and since mini splits aren’t duct-dependent, they do not need duct-cleaning services. Combining all these factors, a ductless heating and cooling system undoubtedly offers solid user savings.

Design Aire is able to provide our customers with special offers and discounts for Trane ductless mini split systems that help you save even more!

Energy Efficiency

Ductwork is vital to traditional central heating and cooling, as much as it is a cause of so much energy loss. The truth is, this loss can be equivalent to at least 30 percent of the total energy used to run such a system. With ductless mini split units, no major ductwork is involved, so energy losses are automatically removed from the equation. The units’ small physical size yet again adds to the system’s advantages by contributing to its overall energy efficiency. Not to mention it follows ENERGY STAR® guidelines, which means it is high up above minimum federal requirements.

Improved Air Quality

Ductless mini splits improve indoor air quality by simply negating the big inherent flaw of ducted systems: the ducts. These usually moist tubes are a haven for a whole range of pollutants, from dust to pollen and especially pathogenic microorganisms.

Because ducts are often hidden from view they are highly vulnerable to neglect, allowing contaminants to build up over time and be distributed in the air, straight into the lungs of a room’s occupants. By eliminating ducts from the picture, mini split systems instantly and dramatically improve indoor air quality.

Environmental Friendliness

Ductless HVAC systems use the non-ozone depleting R410A refrigerant, which means mini split heat pumps and mini split air conditioners make a lot less impact on the environment per life cycle. Ductless system thermostats are also programmable, allowing users to adjust energy use depending on need. Beyond the technicals, many manufacturers even conduct regular employee and local community education on environmentalism, hoping to turn people into advocates. These and more make ductless mini split systems the ideal eco-friendly option in the world of HVAC.

Nearly 20 years since their invention, these revolutionary heating and cooling systems have indeed come a long way. Modern mini split models now boast much bigger capacities, longer pipe lengths, wider zonal coverage, and smarter controls. The practical advantages are clearer than ever.

St. Louis Heating and Cooling Services

Of course, when ensuring maximum benefit from ductless mini split systems, the quality of installation and maintenance matters too. For professional St. Louis ductless HVAC services, Design Aire is a trusted name.

Our highly-trained heating and cooling technicians are experienced in ductless mini split systems and have the knowledge and technical expertise to provide your home with just what it needs to keep you and your family comfortable all year long!

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