Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#1 Trane Dealer in Missouri

2014 Golden Compressor #1 Dealer

March 2015, Trane awarded Design Aire Heating and Cooling their Golden Compressor Award for the #1 Dealer in the Heartland DSO (all of Missouri, all of Iowa, and Illinois south of Chicago). It was the 10th year that Design Aire received the distinction, #1 Trane Dealer in Missouri.

2012 Heartland Heavy Hitter

In February, Trane announced their¬†Annual Dealer Awards for the Heartland Dealership (Missouri, Iowa, and southern Illinois). Design Aire Heating and Cooling was rated the #1 Trane Dealer in the Heartland DSO. Design Aire also received Trane’s Customer Service Award in recognition of our 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating.